ten sentences

back in the day, fresh out of a costly writing program, a couple of writer friends and i formed a writing group. we shared resources, workshopped rough, rough drafts and encouraged one another when we started to take ourselves (or other people’s opinions) too seriously. to keep ourselves creatively juicy, we committed to sending each … Continue reading

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why i (struggle to) write

As a little girl coming up in a household where it was understood that “what happens in this house, stays in this house” and i was expected to “speak when spoken to,” i learned early on that my voice wasn’t valued. it could even be hazardous. (a major goal of childhood is to AVOID the whoopings, … Continue reading

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the lost (​and found) file

the following is an abandoned post that i discovered last month saved as a “draft.” it’s been chilling all by its lonesome for two years i neglected this blog. i don’t know if i was finished or where i might have been going with this but it’s an interesting (to say the least) snapshot of who i … Continue reading