ten sentences

  1. back in the day, fresh out of a costly writing program, a couple of writer friends and i formed a writing group.
  2. we shared resources, workshopped rough, rough drafts and encouraged one another when we started to take ourselves (or other people’s opinions) too seriously.
  3. to keep ourselves creatively juicy, we committed to sending each other ten, random free written sentences a day.
  4. it sounded like a meager task but the point was to create something every day and share it, no matter how simple, silly or garbage you judged it to be.
  5. you could certainly send more than ten (which often turned out to be the case), but no less.
  6. some days it was a real struggle to meet the minimum requirement and other days it was EVERYTHING.
  7. the other days had us in awe at the magic we conjured, gassin’ ourselves and each other up in a way that was so very necessary.
  8. yo, you wrote the shit out of those ten sentences!
  9. we witnessed tiny sparks that contained the potential of a ravenous flames…and it was just a matter of time.
  10. i’ve been reflecting on what sharing that practice with my girls gave me: a sense of freedom, a safe space and a place where i could always begin again.

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