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Activity vs. inspiration

A quote garnered from the slush of emails I went through mentioned how one might confuse activity with inspired work. Now that I’m writing this, I wish I’d have paid closer attention to the source of the quote. I don’t think I considered the distinction until now.

Activity is the routine of writing as a chore. You sit down and do the work. Some (or most) of which will never make revisions depending on the project. The objective is to get something down. When the writing is inspired, it tells YOU when and what to write. The process is near effortless.

Activity had me for the last two days trying to complete a blog post I’d
started weeks ago. It just wouldn’t come together like I thought it should and I just wasn’t feeling it the way I was when I initially started it. So as of right now, it’s half written on a sheet of lined paper on my dining table. But whatevs, it’ll have its time or it won’t.

The cool thing is, after the gym but before my shower, I stepped into the bathroom and as soon as my toes touched the tile I had an idea for a post (which i will bank for later because this is far more exciting right now). Just like that; it shot into my brain. because of that quote, I recognized what inspired action or an inspired idea is and how it feels. Maybe it has happened to me before, but today’s the day that I experienced it, came to know it, in a way I haven’t before. That’s exciting for me.

And of course, the nature of inspiration is unpredictable and fleeting. I won’t be holding my breath until the next beautiful bolt strikes but you can bet your last two dollars I’m milking it the next time it does.


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