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writer-girls do my heart good


here’s what I know: i feel the most talented, empowered, blessed when I leave my weekly meeting with my writer-girls. after bursting out of our little literary bubble and heading our separate ways back into the world, I just want to kick a lyrical essay’s ass & blow random people’s minds with poetic metaphors. there is no better gift than folks who will love you up for all that you are and, also, care enough to give you the side-eye (and more when necessary) when you’re faking. i fake from time-to-time. i need that. Don’t know why I ever went without it.

you run into folks who love your dirty drawers and some who hate even the way you breathe. it’s not often i run into someone who genuinely finesses both sides of the coin. finding the beautiful people who not only share your interests but uphold what’s in your best interest is HUGE.

it is in my best interest to flourish, to create. it is in my best interest to nurture, support, and be supported. it is in my best interest to have the love I radiate and care I take reciprocated. It is in my best interest to pursue and reach my full potential.

i’ll take the praise but challenge me. point out the holes in my narrative, the inconsistencies in my characters’ actions. show me up with strong revisions and provocative scenarios. make me envious of your seamless transitions and “home-sweet” dialogue. make me better at all costs.

this is what I love about my writer-girls. they seek, find and celebrate the best in me. they help me to purge the fear, doubt, and insecurities. the hope is that i do the same for them.

true statement: iron sharpens iron.


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